Thea Zhong Silk
STPM Top Student

STPM Top Student

In year 2013 after SPM with 8A, 2B and 1 C. Silk decided to join STPM. He was studying in SMK Petaling Jaya, a form 6 school. With his excellence 3 semester results, he is rewarded with best student in the school. 

STPM: 3.94
Mathematics M – A
Accounts – A
Economics – A
Pengajian Am – A-

NYES event

University life - UM

With his excellence results, he is lucky to get enrolled into University of Malaya. He joined a lot of events and gain experiences from events. At the same time he is also a tuition teacher at Pusat Tuition Sri Setia, Subang.

ASYSP 2017
Japan exchange

Japan Exchange

After 5 straight years of teaching since year 2013 to year 2017, he decided to take a break, taking the opportunity that given by university to have an exchange programme to Japan. 

This 4 months exchange programme make him learn a lot from the Japanese. He met a lot new friends all around the world, learnt the attitude of the Japanese people and understood the Japanese culture. 

Shopee Internship

In year 2018 August, Silk is back from the exchange programme and decided to have internship in Shopee. At the same time, he starts his tuition classes again with his new start-up, Take10. 

Shopee Internship make him learn how important are the online products and online services. 

Shopee Intern
Take10 - 1

Take10 business DEAD

Silk has a mindset to start up a business that building an interaction platform for all secondary school. He wants all the secondary school students to be in the platform which it seems impossible. At the same time, Take10 too held skill classes (shown in picture).

But, unfortunately, the cost is high and Take10 has to be closed down.  

Take10 - 2
Silk's class 1
Silk's class 2
Silk's class 3
one-to-one tuition

AddMaths Café

Silk was being NAIVE to have such big dream to gather all the secondary school student on a platform. With his dream still goes on, he graduates from University of Malaya with CGPA 3.76 in Degree of Economics and Adminstration.

He thinks that, the way to gather all secondary school is by education! Silk then started AddMaths Café which is a tuition Café which focuses on the subjects AddMaths, maths and Account. At the same time, he expanded his start-up with one-to-one tuition matching services and also online courses!

Today, he has 7 years teaching experiences and more than 70 students who scored in AddMaths under his guidance! His aim is to have his very own tuition Café in 2 years time!