PT3 Maths=SPM Maths? How hard is PT3 Maths?

How hard is PT3 Maths

Dear late 1990s school leavers, you think you have a tough year with PT3 Maths? You should be lucky because PT3 Maths now is even harder! Government have reconstruct the syllabus on all subjects for PT3 student since 2 years ago. This year, the PT3 student will be the first batch of student having the new syllabus PT3 exam with no past year questions available. 

Well, AddMaths Café have analyze all the chapters of PT3 Maths. We found that the PT3 Maths is not anymore as easy as we thought! They even have included new topics that were supposed to learn in Form 4 and Form 5. If the questions of PT3 were to be given to SPM Maths student, the SPM-er would also face difficulties answer them! Here are some picture showing you how PT3 Maths syllabus has been changed!

PT3 Maths=SPM Maths? 1

As you can see, we are suppose to learn function in Form 4 AddMaths Chapter 1 but now is a compulsory to learn in PT3 Maths (Form 2 chapter 8).

PT3 Maths= SPM Maths 2

We learnt probability in Form 4 Modern Maths Chapter 7 but now probability is one of the chapter in PT3 (Form 2 Chapter 13)

PT3 Maths= SPM Maths 3

Straight line were supposed to be introduced in Form 4 Modern Maths (Chapter 5) but now, PT3 introduce it first!  (Form 3 Chapter 9)

PT3 Maths= SPM Maths 4

Angle of depression and elevation is one chapter in Form 4 Modern Maths (Chapter 10) but now in PT3, it is combined with the chapter of trigonometry. (Form 3 Chapter 5) They want the student to apply trigonometry concept to the angle of elevation and depression.

PT3 Maths= SPM Maths 5

We only get to know what is tangent of circle in Form 4 Maths (Chapter 8) but now PT3 introduced it earlier! (Form 3 Chapter 6)

PT3 Maths= SPM Maths 6

You will not believe this, many SPM leavers know what is this. It is the last chapter of Form 5 where students are required to draw plans and elevation of an object. Now, PT3 introduced it in Form 3 Chapter 7 with even harder concepts!

As what we see from the above, we know this time PT3 Maths is not an easy subject anymore. Well, AddMaths Café will continue update you with latest information we got for PT3 Maths. If you are interested to our article and would like to know better, click here to like our Facebook page to know better about PT3 Maths and SPM Maths/AddMaths!  

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