Get your AddMaths online course now before it’s too late!

Online course is up

AddMaths Café is proud to announce that the AddMaths online course is up on the net now! We have successfully made 18 pre-order sales in the past week. While for that, we have received few common questions that we would like to answer it to the public now. 

Free 5 lesson!

We are giving 5 first sub-topic of Form 4 Chapter 1 Functions for free! You can test them out today!

Free 5 lessons

What is in the online course?
All form 4 and form 5 SPM AddMaths chapters are in this online course. You can learn anywhere you like as long as you can online. You just need to go to our website and click on which chapters you would like to learn. Each chapters has subtopics. In the first-subtopic, free note will be given. Each subtopic will comes with example and step-by-step understandable solution videos. 


Who is the tutor?
His name is Thea Zhong Silk, he has very good experience in teaching AddMaths Form 4 and Form 5. Many student love to be with him because he always make the class enjoyable and fun! Moreover, he is young! He understands how the millennial suffered on doing Maths. 
This time, Silk decided to make online course so that more student can learn online anywhere in Malaysia. His passionate will not stop. His dream is to give all student in Malaysia free Maths education. 

How much is the online course? 
Form 4 membership is RM 50 (original price RM 74) while
Form 5 membership is RM 80 (original price RM 150).
There is no further discount on the online course. The price is worth what you buy. 

How to buy the online course?
1. First, you must register as AddMaths Cafe member. It is FREE! Click here if you have not register yet!
2. Click here and choose which membership you want.
3. For example, if you choose Form 4 membership, you will reach to a website that show product description. Scroll down and press join. 
4. Then, you will come to the purchase website, key in your information. 

purchase page

5. Lastly, make your payment by either bank transfer or Shopee. 
For bank transfer: you will receive email with the payment information.
For Shopee buying: you can buy the membership in Shopee AddMaths Café Store

If you do find any question, please feel free to contact us! Call us at +6012 643 6389

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