Learn AddMaths online? No problem! The 5 steps for you to learn online!

Learn AddMaths Online

AddMaths Café is going to launch their very first AddMaths online course next Tuesday (18th of June 2019). With the very first online course they launch, their aims is to educate students who are weak in the fundamentals of AddMaths. 

This online courses are suitable for students who hope to strengthen their fundamental of AddMaths. There are two levels in this online course, which are Form 4 and Form 5. In each chapter of the online course, there are sub-topics which can help you understand what you should learn from the respective chapter. Each sub-topic consists of a video explaining the example questions with understandable step-by-step solutions based on SPM exam format. 

There are two memberships for the online course. The first membership is Form 4 AddMaths Starter Membership and Form 5 AddMaths Starter Membership. Upon purchasing the membership, you will be entitled with 1-year access to all the online course prepared by AddMaths Café. 

5 steps for you to learn AddMaths online:

Step 1: Sign up as a student in AddMaths Café website. 
If you are not registered as a student in AddMaths Café website, you would not be able to access to our online course. So, hesitate no more and click the registration link below! It’s totally for free!
Click here to register!

Register as student

Step 2:  Get yourself a membership in AddMaths Café
Why getting a membership? Because, you can access to all topics in a cheaper price. Each topic costs different prices. With membership, the price for you to learn all the topic is discounted.
Click here to look at the membership 

Membership for AddMaths Café

Step 3: Go to the online course page to check which topic you want to learn!
If you are a Form 5 student and wish to learn about trigonometry, just simply go to AddMathscafe.com, press Online Courses > Form 5 > Form 5 Chapter 5: Trigonometric Function. 
With membership, you can access to all the chapters without any problem. 
The photo below shows the Form 5 chapters.

Form 5 topics

Step 4: Download the materials.
After you press into the chapter of Trigonometric, you have to download the material from the first sub-topic of the chapter. Print out the material and prepare for the online course. 

Online course topic 5
Download the material

Step 5: Watch the video and learn AddMaths!
Well, the title say it all. Click into any sub-topic you want to learn and watch the video. 

Video online course

A PROMO PRICE for pre-order!

Online course pre order

These are the two membership prices for pre-order. The price for Form 4 Addmaths Starter membership was RM 74 and now is discounted to RM 30 while for Form 5 Addmaths Starter membership was RM 150 and now is discounted to RM 50. The discounted price will only last 7 days till the launching date (18th June). Get it now before it’s too late!

You can only purchase the online course (pre-order) by message AddMaths Café.  You can also buy the online course by whatsapp us! (click the button below)

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