PT3 2019 Exam Dates

PT3 Exam date

Lembaga Peperiksaan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia had announced the exam date for PT3 2019 last year in the late year 2018. This year PT3 (2019) will be starting on 30th September 2019 (Monday) and end in 8th October 2019 (Tuesday).

You can download the timetable from the button below here:

As far as we concern, we know that the format of PT3 has been changed this year for all the subjects. Due to that, we have no idea how would the format of PT3 exams would be for all the subjects. We will have to wait till the trial exams are done to know better about the new format of PT3 2019. 

To know better on what has been change in the subject Mathematics, click here! 

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