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What is AddMaths Cafe?

We do not cook. We only spice up lessons and churn out delicious grades

Need advice?

Are you a parent?
If yes, and you are seeking for advise on how to help your children? Call us!

Are you a student?
If yes, and you are confusing about Maths? Find us!

Looking for classes?

We have online tutors and offline tutors (physical classes) to teach for your children! Wondering how we can arrange for you? Click the link below!

Silk's Story

Silk is the founder of AddMaths Café. He finds that many students can’t do well in Mathematics because they think MATH IS HARD! To settle all the rising problems face by many students, Silk started his own tuition classes, one-to-one home tuition, online tuition and seminars to help the students. He has 7 years of teaching experience and more than 70 students who scored A in AddMaths and Maths in SPM final.
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Thea Zhong Silk

Let us teach you on how to brew your perfect coffee - AddMaths!